The weather is in my way!

umbrella-291x300Or maybe I should be outside, painting.

Several years ago, these nifty umbrellas were discounted and calling my name, Patsy. Of course I succumbed and artsied them up, keeping one for our garden. Could have been a business, I guess. Better than the toilet seat covers I had specialized in several years before that. Some people do want a painting instead of those fluffy lil seat covers. Some artists, and that would have included me, have a real focus on selling almost anything connected to a bit of color, line, and pattern. I see T shirts, coffee mugs, etc. enhanced by design, so why not look around for the unusual “support” (art term for what supports the painting, ie, the canvas, paper, etc.).
This past spring, I led a group painting rocks. You can go the distance with rocks, and not necessarily the smooth ones…which takes me back outside.

Nice, France is very, very nice

Nice-Hotel-detail-239x300My brother, Buzz, and I spent a week in Nice…living in the centuries old part with its winding street, shops, restaurants, and open air markets.  We wandered all over the city from Castle Hill to Chagall’s fabulous museum to the ocean.  We were always helped or accompanied by the friendliest people and their dogs…mostly French Bulldogs or Jack Russells.  So with all this walking, the benefits are:  a.  one loses a little of the muffin top, and b. one discovers those surprises which are the gift of the city.  This piece of sculpture in the side of a hotel is 6 stories tall, but I almost missed it. Buzz’ eagle eyes spotted her.

Georgie’s Ravens

Georgies-Ravens-final-226x300lack birds, adorable…crows, amusing with their I’m-smarter-than-you attitude,…and ravens… foreboding, not often seen here, but so big, dominant, not necessarily warm and fuzzy.   I had a bias…and then I read from the  Animal Medicine Cards that the raven is the guardian  of magic and healing.   I have a new view, and a new painting, thanks to Georgie Gipner, who commissioned this piece.

I’m meeting my brother, Buzz, in Nice, France this weekend…sounds so casual, but I’m very happy to go there and see him.  We’re hoping to play a couple of hands of blackjack for Jack in Monte Carlo.  Buzz has made all the arrangements, and I find that this wonderful apartment at the beach is also over a stripper bar.  Dear me;  I shall report back after June 10.  Aloha, Neill

A Different Kind of Marketing


THe Lexus Tree

…at least for me.  This is Jack’s Lexus…I sold my car after he sailed off on that final voyage.  …and have been driving his car.  Maybe another way to feel closer.  Though I must admit, just after I sawed off the rear window wiper, I thought I felt a little tightning around my neck…from an outside source.  I need to work on the tree some more and add a bat or two.  My friend Steve Jones pushed out the dent in my bumper and Stan Neiman fixed a tail light.  So “we’re” pretty much in business here.     A good source for the lettering  Extensive choices of fonts and colors, etc. plus affordable.

New show at the Z Cafe and Gallery starting May 4, with reception May 25.  Come see.

Singing Woofers


A Pack Of Five







What would I do without them…these singers…mostly at dinner time.  Other circumstances, like fire engine sirens, Jack’s harmonica, coyotes in chorus will bring them to reach for the high C.   Jackson, Buzzie, Sunday Sandi, and Ernie Jr.   have different parts and ranges…and interest in this singing deal.  Ernie and Sandi will start and finish, Jackson is oft befuddled but offers a yelp at times, and Buzzie comes in with a bass relief when pushed.  We may start traveling.

From the Batfry


We live on 18 acres in Fallbrook…wooded with oaks and sycamore and olives, for the most part.  I say “we” because I still feel Jack is here with me, and I know the Four Woofers are here.  This morning  we took our walkies out the back dirt road, past the generator house, and through  to Via des Robles.   I’d like to say we walk as a pack in perfect order, but sadly, left unleashed, everybody  runs in different directions and neighbors have made sly comments about screeching.  So leaches on two of the four and t-r-e-a-t-s for those incarcerated.

What does this have to do with art…everything;  peace, good will (on my part), exercise, new landscapes…amazing what is alway different on that woofers’ walk.

One Response

News From The Batfry


My friend, Bonnie, gave me my latest bird’s nest…medium sized and very finely woven, almost like your hair.  Meanwhile, in my studio, I’ve been staring at these five monoprints – abstractions of tree branches and twigs – for the last six or seven years.  All that would happen is that the monoprints would stare back.

But the bird’s nest smiled at those monoprints and I knew we had something.  So I ‘ve had a lovely time drawing and painting back into the prints…lots of nests and eggs and related flotsam.

These monoprints were made at Pat Pfeffer’s Park Press in Carlsbad.  Pat taught me the following process:

1. Roll ink colors out on an acrylic “ plate” for the background.  2. Cut or tear the shapes, roll ink on them, and place them on the top of the colored acrylic plate. 3 Place a piece of print paper on top and roll through the press.  Voila, the print comes out the other side!